Stepladder, hardhat, gloves, and hammer with a house siding background

How to Repair Your Vinyl Siding

Is your vinyl siding cracked, warped, or otherwise damaged? While vinyl is a resilient material, it is not invulnerable and will need to be repaired or replaced eventually. You can hire a professional siding company in St. Louis County, MO, to do the hard work for you — or you can do it yourself.

You need some special supplies and equipment. First, you must find replacement vinyl siding. It can be challenging to find an exact match to your existing siding, so your best bet is to take a sample a siding supply contractor. You will also need a vinyl siding zip tool to remove the damaged material safely.

Use the zip tool to unlock the top and bottom of the siding. Next, remove the nails directly above the damaged area; you may need to use a pry bar. Cut out the damaged section using a pair of tin snips. Make sure you do not cut the top or bottom edges of the panels adjacent to the section you are removing.

Cut the replacement vinyl siding into the appropriate size. You will want to make it about three inches longer than the section you removed, so there is overlap on both ends. Slide the replacement vinyl into place and hook the bottom edge into the top edge of the section below. Push up until the replacement snaps into position. Nail down the new siding and relock the top edge.

Hire our siding company in St. Louis County, MO, for professional repair and replacement. Our skilled crew makes your home’s exterior look like new again.