How to Maintain Your Gutters

man on a ladder cleaning guttersMost people don’t appreciate how much work their rain gutters do. Quietly and without recognition, gutters offer your house a great deal of protection from the roof to the exterior walls to the foundation and the basement. Essentially, gutters direct water away from your house, safeguarding the structure and your property.

However, to do their work, gutters require regular cleaning as leaves, twigs, and other debris fill the open channels. This causes clogs along the lines, as well as in the downspouts. And when wet leaves accumulate, mold begins to grow in the gutters and on the side and roof of your house. The clogged debris may get so heavy it causes the gutters to sag and weaken.

In addition to all of the hard work, gutter cleaning can be dangerous. A ladder is necessary to reach even gutters on the first story, and an extendable ladder is required for the upper stories.

There is an easy solution to the problem of cleaning your gutters in St. Louis County, MO. You can have gutter guards installed. This involves placing a covering over the gutters themselves so leaves can’t enter, clog, or weigh them down. Hiring a professional to install rain guards frees you from spending time on the weekends doing gutter cleaning.