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The Pros and Cons of Popular Windows

Installing new windows is a great way to update the look of your home. Also, if you purchase energy-efficient windows, your home improvement project is an opportunity to lower your electric bill as well. First, though, you have to choose the best style for your property from the wide selection available. If you are thinking about upgrading your windows in the Greater St. Louis area, you may need some help making that decision. Therefore, here is a brief run-down of the pros and cons of three popular styles.

Double-Hung Windows

Pros: These windows are available at reasonable prices from many manufacturers are easy to open and close due to weights and spring mechanisms, and since their tracks are vertical, they are not prone to accumulating much dirt.

Cons: The large size of these windows may be a safety hazard for kids when the bottom sash is open, and the counterbalance springs tend to wear out over time, so double-hung windows require occasional maintenance.

Casement Windows

Pros: Casement windows typically have tighter seals that are better at keeping out drafts, and their more narrow design makes them secure against potential intruders.

Cons: The mechanical cranks that open and close them are prone to wear and tear and have a high failure rate.

Slider Windows

Pros: Slider windows are often less expensive due to their simple design, and with no breakable hand cranks or spring mechanisms, they last longer.

Cons: The windows’ tracks fill with debris and dirt, so they require frequent cleaning, and there are limited sizes and shapes available.

Learn the pros and cons of popular windows in the Greater St. Louis area. There are many styles and materials for you to select from.