Reliable Residential Roofing in St. Louis County, MO

Your home is a significant investment and to protect that investment, it is essential to maintain its components properly. The most significant component of your home is the roof. Because your roof serves as the first line of defense against snow, rain, UV rays, debris, and other hazards, it will not last forever. However, with the help of one of the best roofing companies in St. Louis County, you can restore your damaged shingles to their optimal condition.

Our contractors at GoEcoExteriors are well-versed in performing projects of all sizes. We work with some of the top-rated and most popular roofing materials in the industry, including those from:

  • GAF
  • CertainTeed
  • IKO
  • Malarkey

In addition to working with a range of materials for our residential roofing in St. Louis County, MO, we have the expertise to ensure you receive high-quality results. Our contractors have more than a century of combined experience, which means you can get the peace of mind you deserve throughout the project.

How to Tell if You Need a Repair or Replacement

Replacing your residential roofing in St. Louis County, MO, can be costly, but it is necessary when your roof is very old or extremely damaged. Since the roof is not something you pay attention to every day, it can be difficult to know when there is a problem. However, a quick check may show you some of the warning signs of underlying issues. These include:

  • The age of the roof is 20 years or older
  • There is moss or algae on the shingles
  • The shingles are discolored
  • The shingles are cracked
  • The shingles are cupped
  • There are missing shingles
  • There are leaks in your home

Depending on the severity of the problem, we can take different courses of action, from small residential roof repairs to a new installation. Our professionals are happy to perform a free inspection, let you know which options are available to you, and recommend the best service for your particular roof problem.

Focusing on Quality Every Step of the Way

No matter what type of roofing service you need to make your home stronger and more attractive, you can count on GoEcoExteriors. With our extensive experience in the industry and a complete commitment to your satisfaction, we complete every task efficiently without cutting corners. Whether you need a brand new roof or gutters in St. Louis County, we can provide everything you need. We also communicate with you throughout the project so you can stay up to date on the progress. To get a roof you can be proud of, take advantage of any one of our residential roofing services.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential roofing services. We proudly serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as the surrounding communities.